Bio::Tools::Run StandAloneWUBlast
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Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneWUBlast - Object for the local execution
of WU-Blast.
Package variables
No package variables defined.
 # Do not use directly; use Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast
See Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast
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Methods description
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 Title   : new
Usage : my $obj = Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast->new();
Function: Builds a newBio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast object
Returns : Bio::Tools::Run::StandAloneBlast
Args : -quiet => boolean # make program execution quiet
-_READMETHOD => 'BLAST' (default, synonym 'SearchIO') || 'blast_pull'
# the parsing method, case insensitive
Essentially all BLAST parameters can be set via
Some of the most commonly used parameters are listed below. All
parameters have defaults and are optional except for -p.
  -p Program Name [String] 
Input should be one of "wublastp", "wublastn", "wublastx",
"wutblastn", or "wutblastx".
-d Database [String] default = nr
The database specified must first be formatted with xdformat.
-E Expectation value (E) [Real] default = 10.0
-o BLAST report Output File [File Out] Optional,
default = ./blastreport.out ; set by
 Title   : wublast
Usage : $blast_report = $factory->wublast('t/testquery.fa');
$input = Bio::Seq->new(-id=>"test query",
$blast_report = $factory->wublast($input);
$seq_array_ref = \@seq_array; # where @seq_array is an array of Bio::Seq objects
$blast_report = $factory->wublast(\@seq_array);
Returns : Reference to a Blast object
Args : Name of a file or Bio::Seq object or an array of
Bio::Seq object containing the query sequence(s).
Throws an exception if argument is not either a string
(eg a filename) or a reference to a Bio::Seq object
(or to an array of Seq objects). If argument is string,
throws exception if file corresponding to string name can
not be found.
 Title   : _generic_local_wublast
Usage : internal function not called directly
Returns : Blast object
Args : Reference to calling object and name of BLAST executable
 Title   :  _runwublast
Usage : Internal function, not to be called directly
Function: makes actual system call to WU-Blast program
Example :
Returns : Report Blast object
Args : Reference to calling object, name of BLAST executable,
and parameter string for executable
 Title   : _setparams
Usage : Internal function, not to be called directly
Function: Create parameter inputs for Blast program
Example :
Returns : parameter string to be passed to Blast
Args : Reference to calling object and name of BLAST executable
Methods code
sub new {
    my ($caller, @args) = @_;
    my $self = $caller->SUPER::new(@args);
    $self->_set_from_args(\@args, -methods => {(map { $_ => $GENERAL_PARAMS{$_} } keys %GENERAL_PARAMS),
                                               (map { $_ => $_ } (@OTHER_PARAMS,
                                  -create => 1,
                                  -force => 1);
    my ($tfh, $tempfile) = $self->io->tempfile();
    my $outfile = $self->o || $self->outfile || $tempfile;
    return $self;

# We let get/setter method names be case-insensitve
    my $self = shift;
    my $attr = $AUTOLOAD;
    $attr =~ s/.*:://;
    my $orig = $attr;
    $attr = lc($attr);
    $self->can($attr) || $self->throw("Unallowed parameter: $orig !");
    return $self->$attr(@_);
sub wublast {
    my ($self, $input1) = @_;
    my $executable = 'wublast';
    # Create input file pointer
my $infilename1 = $self->_setinput($executable, $input1) || $self->throw("$input1 not Bio::Seq object or array of Bio::Seq objects or file name!"); $self->i($infilename1); my $blast_report = $self->_generic_local_wublast($executable);
sub _generic_local_wublast {
    my $self = shift;
    my $executable = shift;
    # Create parameter string to pass to Blast program
my $param_string = $self->_setparams($executable); $param_string = " ".$self->database." ".$self->input." ".$param_string; # run Blast
my $blast_report = $self->_runwublast($executable, $param_string);
sub _runwublast {
	my ($self, $executable, $param_string) = @_;
	my ($blast_obj, $exe);
	if (! ($exe = $self->executable($self->p))){
        $self->warn("cannot find path to $executable");
	my $commandstring = $exe.$param_string;
	system($commandstring) && $self->throw("$executable call crashed: $? | $! | $commandstring\n");
    # get outputfilename
my $outfile = $self->o(); $blast_obj = Bio::SearchIO->new(-file => $outfile, -format => 'blast'); return $blast_obj;
sub _setparams {
    my ($self, $executable) = @_;
    my ($attr, $value, @execparams);
    @execparams = @WUBLAST_PARAMS;
    # of the general params, wublast only takes outfile at
# this stage (we add in program, input and database manually elsewhere)
push(@execparams, 'o'); # workaround for problems with shell metacharacters [bug 2707]
# simply quoting does not always work!
# Fixed so Windows files are not quotemeta'd
my $tmp = $self->o; $self->o(quotemeta($tmp)) if ($tmp && $^O !~ /^MSWin/); my $param_string = $self->SUPER::_setparams(-params => [@execparams], -switches =>\@ WUBLAST_SWITCH, -dash => 1); $self->o($tmp) if ($tmp && $^O !~ /^MSWin/); if ($self->quiet()) { $param_string .= ' 2> '.File::Spec->devnull; } return $param_string; } 1;
General documentation
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